In 2014, we started a new life in a different country. We are Venezuelans, but now live in Spain, our new home.

We are a couple of marine biologists, we are inspired by nature, at sea. We are a scientist!, lovers of nature, their forms, their colors, and we have achieved in the mandalas a new inspiration for our lifes.

In this new phase of our lives comes Mandalaole a space and a different way of looking at what we were doing before life. Now we are inspired by nature, the simple life, shapes, colors. 

Thus, we spent hours collecting stones from the beach, Not all stones are equal, each reflects its own character, which has been shaped by the power of erosion, sea and wind. Maybe they've spent years rolling on the beach, until the day we found it and transformed it into a work of art. Just for you!.

Each stone is carefully painted point by point, spent a lot of hours in each one.

We are grateful and blessed by the acceptance of our shop. We have many ideas, which we will gradually transformed into realities and share with all of you.


Mandalaolé - Conecting souls through painted stones

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